Engaged: Ben & Sophia

I have to admit, this was my first-ever Christmas tree farm session and I'm already dying to do another one! At first I thought the evergreens would provide a monotonous backdrop, but McMurtrey's Red-Wood Tree Farm in Woodinville was anything but plain! The rustic red barn popped out from the bushy green trees and the soft gray skies lightened the tips of the branches and made for some really dreamy lighting.

These two lovebirds brought the perfect outfits to stand out amongst the green fields! Their bright plaid shirts and cozy outer layers make for a fun yet snuggly vibe. And what more can I say about Ben and Sophia but that they are so obviously crazy for each other! They are sweet and kind, silly and gentle, caring and so loving. They are a great match and will make a great husband and wife to each other when they marry next summer!

Engaged: Joseph & Shauna

The empty streets of Downtown Tacoma were the perfect backdrop for this urban engagement session! These two got to sneak in a date without the kids and capture some memories of this special time in their lives before they officially tie the knot this summer. The weather was miraculous too - the forecast predicted rain that would steadily increase throughout our session, when in reality it did the opposite and faded to dry skies as the afternoon progressed! We were all quite thankful for that!

We had a great time capturing several different looks in our short time together. The geometric steel of the bridge complimented Shauna's edgy style and the vibrant fall leaves went perfectly with the cozy plaid outfits they changed into! Shauna also brought lots of ideas to the session a la Pinterest and we did our best to recreate some of the shots she found! She and Joseph were so natural together that I know already they will be easy and enjoyable subjects to capture on their wedding day! I'm greatly looking forward to spending more time with them!

Expecting: Anthony & Julianne

There's so many wonderful things I can say about these two people. Their genuine kindness and deep care for people is beautiful, and I am thankful to know them! Their little Dominic is extremely blessed to have them as parents.

My husband and I first met these two when we stayed in their adorable home in Spokane via AirBnB. We had the best time chatting and getting to know them when Julianne was early in her pregnancy. It's always so amazing to me how God brings people of faith together in the most delightfully unexpected ways!

We then came back for another visit in the summer and Julianne was quickly approaching her due date. She hadn't taken any maternity photos yet so we snatched the opportunity to take a walk in the nearby Lincoln Park and capture this exciting - yet fleeting - time in their marriage.

It was so peaceful as we walked the trails of the park. The sun was the perfect kind of warm and the breeze was ever so soft. The only sounds other than our feet on the gravel were Anthony and my husband playing Pokémon Go on their phones and stopping every ten feet or so to catch a Pidgey lurking in the bushes! Our walk in the park was far more about spending time together than taking pictures. It made for a much more comfortable atmosphere when Iasked them to actually pause and pose.

It was hard to think of this session as work - it was much more like documenting an outing. If only all photo sessions were this comfortable and relaxed! We had such a lovely time with them and hope to spend time together again someday!