Engaged: Ben & Sophia

I have to admit, this was my first-ever Christmas tree farm session and I'm already dying to do another one! At first I thought the evergreens would provide a monotonous backdrop, but McMurtrey's Red-Wood Tree Farm in Woodinville was anything but plain! The rustic red barn popped out from the bushy green trees and the soft gray skies lightened the tips of the branches and made for some really dreamy lighting.

These two lovebirds brought the perfect outfits to stand out amongst the green fields! Their bright plaid shirts and cozy outer layers make for a fun yet snuggly vibe. And what more can I say about Ben and Sophia but that they are so obviously crazy for each other! They are sweet and kind, silly and gentle, caring and so loving. They are a great match and will make a great husband and wife to each other when they marry next summer!