Fashion: Summer in the City

This shoot was SO much fun!! My beautiful friends spent an evening walking around Pioneer Square with me, capturing some casual moments. It was a hot, stuffy summer day so we went with light fabrics and kept those jackets off as long as possible! Our color scheme was mostly black and white, except for Liz's fun red formal outfit.

Other than the occasional creepy guy lingering around, we had a blast! Thank you to all of you who made this day possible! I so look forward to doing something like this again!

Models: Melissa Foltz, Liz Rodland & Kayla Fenske // Hair and Makeup: McKenzie Lange

Artist: Hannah

This right here is my beautiful sister. It'll be a short post because we just took some quick head shots but I wanted to share because she is lovely and I wanted to tell you a little about who she is and what she does.

Hannah is crazy talented in all things three dimensional. She creates things out of thin air that you'd never expect. With this unique talent, she has become a props designer and artisan for theater productions and travels around the country to various companies and festivals, creating pieces for various shows. You can check out her amazing work on her website here.

In addition to being an artistic legend, Hannah is an exceedingly awesome person. She was between gigs this month and we got to host her in our home for a few nights, which means sister time!! We painted nails, watched a movie, went out for fro-yo and got to catch up and talk about all sorts of things we hadn't discussed in far too long. My kids are also big fans of hers and had tons of fun playing with Legos, reading books and dancing to Disney music with her. 

Today, Hannah flies out of Seattle and heads to Massachusetts for the summer to work with some famous names in the theater industry and further boost her already-awesome resume. I'm so excited for this next adventure for her and can't wait to see what the fall brings! We're all praying for a Seattle theater company to hire her so we get to have her around more often!

Love you, sister! We miss you already!!