Family: Westcott

This golden fall afternoon was the perfect backdrop for a quick mini-shoot with some of our dearest friends! It was also just warm enough to merit skirts and rolled up sleeves, as opposed to puffy vests and boots. Sometimes all you need to capture the essence of a family is ten minutes, soft, lazy sunshine and a path scattered with crispy leaves and fading summer grasses. The kids were in silly, smiley moods that kept us all giggling and brought such life to my camera!

I'm so thankful for these five wonderful people and the joy and love they've brought to each member of my family!

Portraits: Josiah Lucas

Oh this little love... I have had the joy of knowing Josiah since before he was born! His mama and I were pregnant together and our little boys are seven weeks apart. I caught some sweet moments of this little guy at one of my favorite seasons of baby-hood - that golden six-to-nine-month stretch where babies sit up without moving. They tend to be pretty easily entertained and instantly become more of a little person.

Even though it was almost nap time, Josiah graced us with some amazing double chin smiles that will now be preserved forever! And check out those delicious leg rolls and knee dimples... oh those knee dimples!

Love you, little man!

Senior: Danielle

I met the lovely Danielle through her parents, who are in our small group at church. Danielle was talked up as an awesome babysitter, which we soon learned is absolutely true! She is a beautiful soul who loves children and is a joy to be around. She graduates from high school this spring and I am so excited to see where life takes her next! She has so much to offer!