Engaged: Abe & Sydney

Every engagement session is a wonderful time for me to build relationships with the couple I'm working with. I get to know their gifts, their quirks and what makes their relationship uniquely beautiful. This adorable couple and I got to carpool on a mini road trip together up to the mountains and we got to spend more time talking than at a typical session. Two hours in the car with people you don't know very well definitely gives you the opportunity to make connections and become friends!

By the time we got up to the perfectly snowy spot, we were quite comfortable with each other and had a blast tromping around in the soft powder! The snow was coming down fast and fluffy, which gave that extra special wintry touch we were hoping for! Our time together was filled with just the right balance of sweetness and playfulness, as you will see below! I am so excited for Abe and Sydney to join together as husband and wife this summer - they're on track for a loving, sacrificial marriage!