Family: Mann

How cute is this family?? We spent a wet autumn afternoon taking pictures in Kubota Garden together and the kids were total troopers in the rain. The girls were awesome helpers with the umbrellas and everyone gave me lots of smiles to work with! Not gonna lie... not every family of six is this cooperative when it comes to family pictures! These guys make me look really good! :)

Jackie was stressing before the shoot about how to dress everyone, but you wouldn't know with how perfectly everyone's outfits came together! I love the color palette they chose and will definitely try to take a page from her book the next time I dress my family for our next photo session!

It was the sweetest thing to watch the kids interact - especially older girls with their baby brother. Jake's sweet demeanor reminded me of my own baby boy and I just couldn't help but take lots of snuggly pictures of him! He sure is blessed to have three big sisters to fawn over him.

It was so much fun documenting this snippet in time for this family and I hope to capture them again as they continue to grow!