Engaged: John & Sydney

I love any couple who is up for new adventures! These two met me at the UW Waterfront Activities Center for an exciting evening of canoeing, pizza and a leisurely stroll in the evening sunshine.

It was so fun watching John and Sydney navigate the balance and momentum of the canoe - a task all engaged couples should achieve before tying the knot! We also may have bent the rules a little and removed their life jackets for a portion of the boating excursion, since they aren't exactly the most fashionable accessory!

They also brought along a vegan pizza to share while drifting among the lily pads, which made for a fun set of photos, and we were all quite pleased with the amount of flavor a vegan pizza could hold!

We finished off our evening in a more relaxed setting - walking around the water's edge in the warm evening air. John and Sydney are so comfortable with one another and share such a genuine sweetness that I know they will make an amazing married team. It is so special to me to capture love like this!