Married: Matt & Nan

This intimate backyard wedding was made of dreams!! From the sand ceremony to the handwritten decorations, every detail was crafted with love and care. It is always such a joy to watch two families join together and begin a new chapter as one and this was no exception. There was so much love surrounding these two as they said their vows and many tears of joy were shed throughout the day. I am so thankful to have been chosen to capture this beautiful celebration and hope to photograph more like it in the future!

Also, if you are planning a wedding and have relatives with a backyard as beautiful as this, always slash your guest list and opt for a smaller celebration. Let these photos do the talking - you will not regret your decision!

Renewed: Jason & Aubrey

While weddings are thrilling to capture, in all their newness and excitement, there is something deep and soul-quenching about a vow renewal. And this particular re-commitment of promises was not just a celebration of legacy, but a commemoration of God's incredible restorative work in this marriage. To say I was honored to capture this day is an immense understatement.

While every marriage endures its storms, this one was fighting for breath as the waves pounded over and over again. And yet amidst the lightning and thunder, these two had the most incredible community pushing them up from below. These amazing people, who couldn't in worldly terms be called family, laid down their lives and took this marriage on their own shoulders.

Then, God did a miracle and breathed life into this drowning couple. He seized them from the waters and placed them on dry ground! The storm wasn't over, but He gave them ground to stand on. Together with their community, this couple chose to walk the brave road of forgiveness.

To celebrate this amazing redemption, their church family put together a beautiful backyard ceremony and family party to celebrate the miracle that only God could do. The vows that were said were something I will never forget. The love and support hovered low in that summer air - suffocating in the most holy of ways. The bright colors of the flowers and decor echoed the vibrance of newfound passion and intentionality in this marriage. And each element of the day was chosen specifically to illustrate serving and supporting each other. I've never seen such a beautiful and tender foot washing ceremony!

At the end of this amazing day I was left with the fullest sense of awe. How else can I describe the beauty of this kind of healing? While no one ever wishes for devastating pain in a marriage, it was very evident that God knew exactly what He was doing and has amazing plans for these two, in spite of the trauma they underwent. What a good, GOOD God we have.

What a perfect way to honor this new chapter of marriage!