Family: Hawkins

What can I say? I adore this family! Kristina and I met before our oldest boys were even walking, and we have walked through numerous ups and downs since our friendship began, until they moved across the country a few years ago. Our similarities help us navigate tricky circumstances together, and our differences help us grow stronger. And she has the most beautiful family!!

Meet Tristan, Izak, Sylas and Jasper. Four of the most charming boys you'll ever meet, with incredible parents shepherding them each step of the way. Tristan is thoughtful, intelligent and a caring older brother, Izak is loving, sensitive and empathetic, Sylas is silly, sweet and active, and Jasper has all the attitude a red-headed two year old should have!

Kristina and I were dreaming up this shoot many months before it happened, and spent way too much time scouring Etsy and messaging each other on Facebook about accessories before we narrowed down the perfect attire for everyone. This session also happened the day after Kristina and Ricky's vow renewal ceremony, so it made for an incredibly busy weekend for everyone! This little collection of photos didn't take too long for us to shoot, since it was 90˚ in the shade and corralling four boys, no matter what the weather, left us all sweating by the end of it.

I am so excited to show you the product of all our dreaming, and this beautiful Mama Hen with all her boys. She and her husband have been greatly blessed and it was a blessing to ME to capture this snippet of their lives!

Family: Mann

How cute is this family?? We spent a wet autumn afternoon taking pictures in Kubota Garden together and the kids were total troopers in the rain. The girls were awesome helpers with the umbrellas and everyone gave me lots of smiles to work with! Not gonna lie... not every family of six is this cooperative when it comes to family pictures! These guys make me look really good! :)

Jackie was stressing before the shoot about how to dress everyone, but you wouldn't know with how perfectly everyone's outfits came together! I love the color palette they chose and will definitely try to take a page from her book the next time I dress my family for our next photo session!

It was the sweetest thing to watch the kids interact - especially older girls with their baby brother. Jake's sweet demeanor reminded me of my own baby boy and I just couldn't help but take lots of snuggly pictures of him! He sure is blessed to have three big sisters to fawn over him.

It was so much fun documenting this snippet in time for this family and I hope to capture them again as they continue to grow!

Family: Cantu

This sweet family was full of love and fun! They wanted some updated pictures of their whole family so we snatched up the opportunity while everyone was in town! We traipsed around the Point Defiance Rose Garden area for their session and found so many beautiful places to take pictures! The roses were in bloom and the dahlias were just starting to peek out, making for some gorgeous color variety!

Ramona arranged everyone's outfits and I love the colors she came up with! I wish I could make a coral dress look as good as Kaily can! And isn't little Zarina the cutest?! She was the star of the show! I cannot get enough of the shots we got of her with her daddy-prince at the end of our time together! Too much!

You can truly tell through these pictures how much this family adores each other. It never felt awkward asking them to snuggle a little closer or to be silly with one another. They were so at ease in front of the camera and with each other and we had a great time laughing together! There is so much to learn from an adult family who cares for each other like this!