Personal: Arizona Wilderness

What a perfect weekend we had exploring Arizona! Nick and I desperately needed some time away from responsibilities, as well as a break from the dreary Pacific Northwest weather, so we booked it to Phoenix and got outside! We spent several hours one morning exploring a trail in the Superstition Mountains, and I captured some of my favorite aspects of the desert with my lens!

You'll see a lot of cactus here - I am thoroughly obsessed with Saguaros in particular. Their grand height and quirky form reminds me of people! I think Pixar should make a short film about Saguaros. I also loved learning about Arizona's state tree, the Palo Verde, which means "Green Stick". You'll see its photosynthesizing green branches as you scroll below.

The red rocks of the mountains, the subtle yellow-green of the cactus and the vivid blue sky made for a gorgeous color palette and I just couldn't stop snapping away as we hiked the hilly terrain. The desert has my heart, and I can't wait to return!

Engaged: Knight & Brittany

What a perfect day to celebrate love in the snowy Cascade mountains! We've had a fairly warm winter this year, so with the snow elevation level so high, it took a little hunting for the three of us to find the perfect location for our time together. Thankfully, the Snow Lake Trailhead proved to be just what we were looking for!

While the air still had a chilly edge to it, the wintry sun had us peeling off layers as we walked through the forest. We snuck in these romantic moments amidst a busy trail of hikers, snowshoers  and cross country skiiers (ok but seriously, who skis on this trail?!) and had the best time exploring the landscape together! It was also such a treat getting to adventure with these two - they are a perfect match and I can't wait for their wedding day!

Engaged: Cory & Karissa

What a perfect fall day for some snuggly engagement photos! Cory and Karissa met me in the Seattle Arboretum and we dodged tourists and snuck in some sweet moments amidst the ancient maples. The rain held off and the clouds gave us beautifully even light, and I had the most wonderful time getting to know these impeccable people better! They danced, they cuddled, they encouraged one another and they held each other close, anticipating the next season of their lives that is coming oh-so soon! I am very much looking forward to capturing their wedding day in April - it will be here before we know it!