Nice to Meet you!

I'm Rachel. This is my family.

I've been an artist since forever and a filmmaker-turned-photographer since 2010.

I love people and think they and their stories are beautiful. The greatest thing about being a photographer is that I have the privilege of meeting amazing people all the time and get to share their stories through my lens! I want to capture every single moment of every single amazing life I can get my camera on.

I find joy in my Savior Jesus, my best-friend-husband and cutest-ever kids, our amazing community of family and friends that care for us and all things artistic - created by God or by man. I greatly value integrity, wisdom, thankfulness and passion. I live in the Seattle area with my man and our three littles.

Some things that make me feel alive are:

quiet walks in crisp air // roobios tea // journaling // men's hiking socks // chocolate ganache cake // my husband's laugh // toes in warm sand // quirky indie music // pink lemonade // smelling my kids' hair // depressing artsy movies // dancing - anytime, anywhere // anything that sparkles


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